Sustainablity Practice


Nothing wasted, everything gained.

All logs are sourced from local, sustainably managed radiata pine plantation forests. The major suppliers are Rayonier/Matariki Forests, Forest Management Ltd, Blakely Pacific and Trans Tasman Forestry.

Every year in New Zealand more radiata pine trees are planted than harvested ensuring long-term growth and viability for the industry.

Bark is removed prior to milling and sold for use in gardens and mulch. Chip from the mill is sold for the manufacture of MDF. Sawdust from the sawmill provides boiler fuel for kiln drying and all electricity in the South Island is produced by hydro electric dams or wind. This means all the energy for milling and kiln drying operations is provided from renewable resources.


All dried timber is completely chemical free. By ensuring all timber is kiln dried within 5 days of production there is no need for anti sap stain chemicals or other treatments.