Below are come comments we have recived as feedback from customers and suppliers.

"SRS, in our opinion, would rate as one of the most professional Sawmilling and component assembly plants we deal with. They keep our account within trading terms and deal with us in a partner relationship."

"We consider, for their type of industry, their safety record to be second to none and their work areas are efficient, safe and kept clear and uncluttered."

"Their treatment of machinery is excellent and their expectation for us as a supplier is that we have maintenance programs in place and ensure the tools available are both reliable, and all safety guards are fully operational."

"I would rate the above company as exceeding our expectations in all aspects of operating in the timber industry."

"To date, SRS’s performance in all three of our objective areas has been nothing short of outstanding."

"Our benchmarking of prices convinces us that we have gained a competitive advantage through our partnership with SRS and innovative proposals have driven this process."

"We can only emphasize our satisfaction with the arrangements and in particular the high degree of integrity demonstrated by managing director, Bryan McCorkindale, and his staff at all times. We have no hesitation in recommending them to any other potential purchaser of their services."

"We have found SRS to be:

  • A reliable and straight forward company to deal with.
  • Managed by open and approachable staff.
  • To be innovative in both the operation of the company’s sawmill and processing capacity as well in the marketing of their various wood products."

"We have found SRS New Zealand Ltd to be a well run, innovative and sound organizsation."

"SRS’s pricing, quality and timely deliveries has provided SRS with a marked competitive edge over other suppliers. Along with their industry knowledge, this has provided a total service that has allowed our two companies to form a very strong business partnership."

"I have no hesitation in recommending SRS as a reliable supplier of quality products."

"We have always found Bryan McCorkindale and his staff to be very professional, competent and honest in all aspects of our relationship."

"We have purchased timber for the manufacture of squash crates every season and we have found them to be a most reliable and quality conscious supplier. SRS has been competitive for supply to both the North and South Islands and has been very efficient in organising deliveries from the mill to the packhouse in the respective growing areas."

"SRS's quality management and support is first class."

"We have no hesitation in recommending SRS and their products to any prospective customer."

"In my experience in working with SRS in the past 5 years I have found them to be a reliable and responsive supplier. We intend to continue its business relationship with SRS into the future."